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It is no doubt that the Mobile Government (M-Government) is a strategy that involves for its implementation the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technologies, as well as the services, applications and devices relating to them. It is meant to improve the privileges reaped by the relevant parties using the e-government transactions, including citizens, companies, and all government agencies. Besides, M-Government is characterized by easy dealing with smartphone apps, compared with other methods, to provide services, in addition to providing mobile version, and SMS for citizens. 
  • MOH Apps for Smartphones:

The Ministry of Health (MOH) spares no effort to promote its e-services provided to citizens through the MOH Portal. MOH Mobile Apps is one of these services provided via smartphones for citizens and residents of the Kingdom  ...  more.

  • Mobile Version:

The MOH Portal provides a handheld or mobile version in order to reach out to all users in any place and to provide all its future services through this version. The mobile version offers a simplified version of all services on the MOH Portal  ... more.

  • SMS:

Short Message Service (SMS) is a common factor in many of e-services provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to subscribers of these services; by means of sending SMS to subscribers of all alerting services ... more.



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