Assistant Agency for Curative Medicine
The most prominent achievements of the year 1431-1432 AH:
  • Developing Primary Health Care Strategy 2011-2020 in the Kingdom within the concept of comprehensive and integrated healthcare.
  • Setting dentistry strategy for the next ten years.
  • Setting health strategy for mental and social health services in the Kingdom.
  • Mother and Child Health Passport Program.
  • Comprehensive study of purchasing dialysis services.
  • Forming a specialized committee to study international standards of evidence, policies and procedures for all medical specialties.
  • Performing comprehensive field visits to all the MOH facilities by all departments of the Agency.
  • Establishing partnerships with institutions and universities to attract distinguished and qualified rehabilitation consultants to work temporarily within Temporary Medical Support Program (Visiting Doctors Program.)
  • Conducting the National Survey of Mental Health.
  • Developing an action plan and implementation standards for the Nursing Departments in all regions (Change Gate).
  • Developing a plan to improve and ensure the quality of nursing for the year 1432.
  • Developing a plan to follow up and improve patients’ safety for the year 1432.
  • Designing an electronic database to monitor the safety of patients.
  • Completion of the 4th phase of studying primary health care centers replacement project and follow them up in the regions.
  • Developing an implementation plan for mobile primary health care program.
  • Collecting and analyzing nutritional surveillance data for the year 1431.
  • Preparing the project of implementing the Medical Dictation System in 97 hospitals.
  • Establishing 200 primary health care centers this year, and 100 primary health care centers in the past year.
  • Supervising psychiatric recovery in place of the Department of Social Affairs.
  • Running the dentistry centers in North Jeddah and East Riyadh.
  • Offering several workshops and specialized courses and seminars, in addition to providing several unique awareness programs.
  • Developing several guidelines by the ICU Technical Committee, ENT Technical Committee, Blood Diseases Technical Committee, Technical Committee for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Heart Disease Technical Committee, Neurosurgery Technical Committee, Newborn Technical Committee, ER Technical Committee and Diabetes Technical Committee.
  • Updating death records.
  • Reviewing models of all hospital schemes and managing projects in the Ministry.
  • Supervising the operation of all constructed hospitals in the Kingdom and following them up.
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