Institutional Transformation Program

Vision, Mission and Objectives
Our 2030 vision is to provide healthcare services through a group of independent integrated healthcare enterprises. Each enterprise will provide comprehensive and integrated health services to certain population (Health Communities), against certain prices, and accountable based on specific indicators.

These (Integrated Healthcare Enterprises) will be jointly held accountable for securing a set of results to a certain population within a well-defined geographical area, and at an agreed cost based on measurable health indicators that can be benchmarked with comparable service providers. Hence, each will be paid according to it achievements. In that way, the service provider will focus more on preventive medicine, primary healthcare and early detection of non-communicable diseases; thus, transforming from service-centered system into a results-oriented one.

Accordingly, the institutional transformation program seeks to take healthcare services from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and assign them to competing independent state-owned enterprises based on quality, efficiency and productivity - providing healthcare based on quality, integrated and efficient health communities, and accountable health service providers within a well-defined geographical area.

This will lead to the following anticipated results:
  • Enhance health facilities ans services' effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Boost healthcare integration ans sustainability.
  • Ensure access to healthcare by all population groups. 
  • Make the right decisions quickly and independently.
  • Develop national manpower to cope with future needs and challenges.
  • Develop healthcare services and facilities to meet citizens' needs and expectations.

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