Entry Division

Entry Division
Some of its tasks are to:
  • Arrange hospital admissions in coordination with the doctors concerned.
  • Receive patients (in normal and emergency cases) who have been granted admission, and register all their identification details, in addition to selecting the patient's section and bed.
  • Monitor the movement of beds within the hospital around the clock, adjust their circulation, and find out the vacant beds, by using either a computer or the movement panel of beds.
  • Book beds for patients who have been given an appointment of admission, and inform them (as well as the physician and the section the patient will join) of such bookings 24 hours before the admission.
  • Provide the newly-introduced sections, such as: Facilitation of Patient's Exit Division, Inpatient Medical Care Division, and Day Surgery Division, as well as other divisions, such as: Queries, Central Office, Social Service, Medical Records, Nutrition, Religious Awareness; provide them with the names of patients who have got into the hospital, or got out of it, in addition to those who were referred from one section to another within the hospital.
  • Create a list of patients in need of inpatient treatment whereas beds are not available at the moment, and inform the Director of Inpatient Medical Care through the Facilitation of Patients' Exit Division.
  • Explain the rules and instructions of the hospital, as well as patient rights, for the patient and his family.
  • Obtain the approvals, authorizations and commitments needed from the competent authorities, in accordance with the regulations and instructions related to them.
  • Participate in the data-entry of the E-Program.
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