Organizational Position:
It is associated with His Excellency the Vice Minister for Health Affairs.
General Objective:
Setting mechanisms and rules for referring patients among the general and private health facilities and coordinating the health care services among them to ensure that the patients receive the appropriate medical care as per their health condition in an easy and comfortable manner.
  • Developing plans, programs and directives that ensure the patients would receive the different medical services according to their eligibility to get that care at the health facilities (treatment eligibility) and working for their implementation after approval.
  • Supervising and following up the self-operation program within the Referral Program; that is to be added to implementation of plans and regulations related to arrangement of patients referral among the health facilities in accordance to their eligibility to get the type and level of the required medical care. This is carried out in coordination with the Budget General Department and the Ministry of Finance for provision of the required financial support.
  • Implementing the MOH policy in regard to the referral of patients among therapeutic facilities at all levels.
  • Technical supervision of the treatment eligibility divisions and medical coordination with the regions' medical centers within the limits of power.
  • Coordinating with the primary health care centers, hospitals, specialized medical centers and public medical authorities in regions to review methods of applying referral procedures, solve the problems hindering the progress of work and take the necessary action.
  • Considering activities of the Referral Program at the regions' health facilities to get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages and reviewing the problems and difficulties facing the progress of work as well as submitting the necessary proposals to develop them and following up of their implementation after approval.
  • Coordinating with the Information and Communication Technology General Department (ICT) to develop an automatic system on direct coordination among the health centers and hospitals in regions for receiving patients with the aim of speeding up the referral procedures and facilitating patients’ access to the medical care.
  • Coordinating with the competent departments and treatment eligibility and medical coordination departments in the health regions to activate the Referral System and solve the problems hindering the progress of work in such a manner that achieves integration in provision of health services for patients.
  • Coordinating with the Assistant Agency for Private Health Sector Affairs in regard to the referral program services provided at the governmental and private health facilities in regions.   
  • Coordinating with the concerned departments about payment of travel orders and petty cash to the patients and their families in accordance with the regulations and instructions as well as supervision and follow-up of implementation.
  • Representing the MOH and coordinating with the government health facilities providing therapeutic services inside the Kingdom in the field of the Referral Programs.
  • Paying periodic visits to the health facilities in the regions to make sure of application and compliance with the regulations and instructions related to the referral services and medical coordination.
  • Providing the necessary information about the Referral Program for preparation of the draft budget.
  • Participating in the development of plans for training manpower on the Referral Program in coordination with the Training and Scholarships General Department.
  • Preparing work procedures guides of the Referral Program in coordination with the Administrative Development General Department with an endeavor to develop them.
  • Preparing the periodic reports about the program's activities and achievements as well as proposals to improve and develop the referral program in general and submit them to the Vice Minister for Health Affairs.
  • Any other tasks assigned to the program in the respective field.
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