The Advisory Council of the Referral Program:
First: Definition:
It is a technical advisory council at the level of the MOH that comprises members form other government and private health sector.
Second: Tasks and specialties:
  • Proposing general policies and strategies to develop the Referral Program among the health facilities.
  • Proposing plans for developing the Referral Program through the follow-up and evaluation of the program application.
  • Updating policies of dealing with the “My Referral” e-program (Ehalati), in coordination with the concerned parties.

Treatment Eligibility and Medical Coordination Department:  

It is meant to coordinate the referral services for patients eligible for treatment at health facilities inside or outside the region to ensure that the patient receives the required healthcare prescribed by the treating doctor, quickly and safely.
Planning, Quality and Development Department:
It is meant to develop plans, policies, procedures, mechanisms for implementation and introduction of the comprehensive quality systems and programs to the Referral Program, as well as supervision, follow-up and evaluation of plans and projects during implementation based on performance indicators and preparation of the periodic reports on performance at all levels (Referral Program, directorates, provinces, hospitals, other governmental bodies and private sector).
My Referral (Ehalati) Department:
It is one of the Referral Program's departments and it is associated with the program's Assistant Supervisor-General for Technical Affairs. It is entrusted with the overall supervision of the progress of work of the Ehalati e-system at the level of the MOH, directorates, hospitals and the MOH’s Command and Control Center “CCC”.
Decrees Department:
It is assigned to implement and follow up the Royal Decrees. Also, it is associated with the Referral Program's Assistant Supervisor-General for Technical Affairs. 
Training Department:
It is responsible of developing plans, policies, rules and regulations for training and development of human resources of the Referral Program. It also coordinates with the local, regional and international training organizations for training the various health bodies on the Referral Program.
Administrative Affairs Department:
It is responsible of the administrative and financial affairs of the Referral Program with respect to travel orders, petty cash, following up contracts with the private sector and payment of dues in coordination with the concerned parties. Its sub-departments and divisions are associated with the Referral Program's Assistant Supervisor-General for Administrative Affairs.
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