Supervisor-General's Message

Supervisor-General's Message
The comprehensive and integrated health care project, which was approved within the projects of the Ministry of Health’s strategic plan (1431-1440H) and what was mentioned in its third component regarding the development of the Referral System among the health facilities, is considered one of the basic components aiming at modernizing and developing the patient's Referral System among the health facilities so as to cope with the successive developments and changes in the health sector, bearing in mind the provision of the best health services which meet the patient's satisfaction.
Upon directives of His Excellency the Minister of Health and direct supervision of His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs and Vice Minister of Health for Planning and Development, the Ministry of Health (MOH) embarked on making a tangible leap to be felt by the patient concerning the quality of the referral services rendered to him at all health levels. This step aimed at ensuring the patient’s easy access to these services, checking their quality and safety by means of developing the policies and procedures governing the referral process, and most importantly ensuring adherence to these procedures by the providers of the services at both the executive levels and health practitioners levels, in order to guarantee a safe referral process that puts in consideration the safety of the patient. Therefore, the ministerial accreditation of the Referral Program in the MOH's organizational structure was approved on Jumada al-Awwal 10th, 1433H (corresponding to April 2nd, 2012).
 Accordingly, the Referral Program, which uses the latest techniques and capabilities, came to connect the service providers with the beneficiaries in a comprehensive scientific and practical manner to ensure the provision of all medical and logistic services for the referred patients and to control over the performance with the aim of reaching the required quality and continuous development.
May Allah lead us to the right path and grant us success!
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