What is the definition of clinical auditing?

What is the definition of clinical auditing?
It is a method of improving the care provided for the patient through comparing the practice and results to the local and world standards.
The Clinical Auditing Program made those benefiting from the service take the center stage of its interests, set indicators for gauging the productivity, efficiency, effectiveness of the health facility in a way that achieves what the beneficiary seeks and what fulfills the MOH's objectives.

Therefore, the Program issued the first fruits of hospital performance indicators; they include the following:

  • Indicators of the professional performance measurement of a health facility
  • Indicators of the main performance measurement of a health facility.
  • Indicators of the productivity measurement of a health facility.

Through these selected standards for each item or pivot, we can measure performance and productivity and ensure safety for the beneficiary. This is according to what the clinical audit team approved, in a quest for emulating with the world medical institutions, with diversity of cultures, health and social environment taken into consideration.

It is worth mentioning that hospitals have their own category in terms of the clinical group or capacity, service level, location, diversification of the health services, and work force. In addition to the other givens to be considered when auditing performance and comparing indicator in several hospitals, as part of a model, a pivot, or many service pivots.
Program confirms that the best comparisons is comparing the health institution in itself in terms of diversification of pivots and multiplicity of indicators, from a standardized cycle to another standardized cycle, with the aim of reaching and emulating the world standards. Therefore, efforts should be doubled and working according to a strategic method should be embraced; in order to materialize the objectives of this program.
Emphasizing on professionalism and accountability of the health institution and the medical and health work team is ethics and methods that strongly establish the state's pillars and basics and its Islamic religion. They also emanate from the fundamentals of the medical professions which the Ministry OF Health (MOH) set, affirming its quest for discipline, perfection, and interest in productivity.
Seeking idealism in providing the medical service is realized through discipline and perfection, and it requires raising productivity and effectiveness with the least costs possible. The challenge the Ministry of Health (MOH) is facing is to circulate the application of the hospital performance indicators, and to employ the entire capabilities contributing to achieving the objectives of the Health facilities, which in turn benefits those to whom the service is delivered. 
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