Tasks and Responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • The Bed Management Program takes over a variety of tasks and responsibilities, including:
    Preparing and reviewing plans and applications related to the Bed Management Program, in addition to supervising the implementation.
  • Preparing drafts for the systems, instructions and regulations intended for the organizing the bed management departments in the facilities of the Ministry, and in coordination with the competent departments.
  • Providing Technical supervision of the Bed Management Program in directorates and hospitals, in coordination with the health regions.
  • Proposing the information system needed for the Bed Management Program, and participating in its development, aiming to achieve fast and accurate access to information in a timely manner, in coordination with the Information Technology General Department and Statistics General Department.
  • Studying and analyzing statistical data and medical indicators, for use in evaluating the medical services provided, with a view to learn about the activities of such services, promote them, estimate their strengths and weaknesses, and submit the propositions needed for the work development and following up their implementation in case they are approved.
  • Preparation of training and continuing education programs for Bed Management Program staff, in coordination and cooperation with the Training and Scholarship General Department.
  • Conducting regular field visits to health facilities, to ensure the application of/ compliance with the Bed Management Program's instructions and regulations.
  • Participating, with  Health Affairs directorates and the Ministry's relevant departments  in the preparation of the program requirements (manpower … etc.), and submitting them to whom in charge of the Bed Management Program as part of the project budget
  • Preparing periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the Program, and submitting to the boss proposals aiming at the development and improvement of its performance.
  • Performing any other tasks assigned to the general supervisor in his respective field.

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