Patient Services Department

Patient Services Department
Some of its tasks are to:
  • Receive – from the Facilitation of Patients’ Exit Division - a list of patients ready to get out of the hospital the next day.
  • Assign the person responsible for receiving the patient 24 hours before his exit, and record his contact details and address.
  • Follow up the preparation of medical reports necessary for the patient in coordination with his physician.
  • Participate in a daily meeting discussing patients' conditions if need be.
  • Ensure the readiness of the patient's house for receiving him after coming out of the hospital (medical equipment and supplies, medicines so on.)
  • Make sure to inform the patient of follow-up appointments after coming out of the hospital.
  • Schedule home visits to patients whenever needed.
  • Register what has been prepared for the patient in his medical file.
  • Represent the hospital in front of other government departments for any reason relating to the patient.
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