• Collaborating with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S.A. and permanently providing an expert in the Field Epidemiology Training Program. 
  • Continuously collaborating with the King Saud University in terms of awarding a diploma certificate in the field epidemiology and admitting new batches in the diploma.
  • Initiating the Master's degree program on the public health, epidemiology specialty, in collaboration with the King Saud University, and admitting a new batch.
  • Producing the twenty-three batch of the field epidemiology diploma, numbering seven physicians of 1432h; this brought the total number of the Program's graduates to 130 ones.
  • Admitting five trainers to the field epidemiology diploma from several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the academic year of 1433/1434.
  • Admitting and training 14 Master's degree public health physicians; field epidemiology specialty, from several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1433/1434h.
  • Taking part in training the physicians joining the Saudi fellowship on community medicine, as the Field Epidemiology Training Program is accredited training center from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties of Fellowship.   
  • Conducting 15 training courses on the different topics related to the epidemiology, scientific research methods, statistical and geographical analysis, and epidemiological surveillance field, in which 450 trainers participated at the level of the health regions and governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from all specialties and health groups, 1434h. 
  • Implementing 15 epidemiological studies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the trainers joining the Program, 1433/1434h.
  • Taking part with an epidemiological team as part of the prevention medicine team in the Hajj season; with the aim of training and conducting the field studies, and playing a role in the epidemiological surveillance and survey of the health problems during the Hajj season.
  • Having some studies conducted by the Program participate in a number of international, regional, and local conferences concerned with the scientific studies for the outstanding health problems.
  • Taking part in training the Saudi fellowship physicians on family medicine in Jeddah.
  • Ceaselessly releasing the Saudi epidemiology bulletin; it is a quarterly scientific bulletin aim at establishing communication channel between the MOH Public Health Agency and those working for the prevention sections in regions and publishing a summary of the field study findings conducted by the Program. Further, releasing the eighteenth volume has finished and the nineteenth volume is about to be issued. Also, improving on the bulletin is planned with the aim of transforming it into purely scientific journal in the future.
  • Issuing two booklets of the Saudi periodical epidemiological bulletin, including a summary for all the studies done by the Program in the last years till the end of 2012. 
  • Providing the scientific consultation for the researches done by some of the MOH departments.
  • Taking part in developing a number of the prevention programs.
  • Participating in a number of the national researches conducted by the Public Health Agency.
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