Social Service Division

Social Service Division
Some of its tasks are to:
  • Distribute patients to social workers.
  • Assess the patient's social status and household needs, 24 hours before getting out of the hospital.
  • Participate in a meeting meant to discuss the patients' conditions with the members of the team (doctors and others.)
  • Facilitate adaptation to the nature of the disease, through direct contact with/ support for the patient or his family.
  • Support and help the patient or his family in case they have a social or financial problem, suggest the solutions available to them, and refer them to whom they can resort to, either inside or outside the hospital.
  • Directly coordinate with charities or social affairs to support needy patients and help them.
  • Arrange travel bookings and other services for patients living outside the treatment region.
  • Register what has been prepared for the patient in his medical file.
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