Infection Control Division

Infection Control Division
Some of its tasks are to:
  • Apply the policies and procedures of the infection control standard precautions, as well as the precautions related to ways of transmission, and to circulate them throughout the hospital.
  • Rapidly obtain to the results of medical tests, which affirm that the patient's body is free of bacteria, in order to end his stay at the isolation rooms, and quickly report the communicable diseases.
  • Isolate patients and end their isolation, enabling them to come to the hospital in non-working hours if need be, and to periodically follow them up (in view of the pivotal role this plays in reducing infection rates of the health facilities and limiting the danger of infectious diseases that require isolation, as well as shortening the duration of the patient's stay at hospitals, and reducing, accordingly, the cost of treatment; which is to be reflected in the efficiency of the Bed Management Department, including the isolation sections).
  • Participate with of the official responsible for patients' exit, the director of Inpatient of Medical Care and the director of Day Surgeries and Procedures, in the periodic meetings of the Infection Control Committee at the level of directorates and health facilities in regions and governorates, with the aim to (discuss the developments and updates related to the Bed Management Department, those with which the Infection Control Division is concerned, as well as discussing the statistics that have to do with the infection of health facilities, and their relationship to the statistics of the Bed Management Program, for the purpose of supporting the Infection Control Division and evaluating its effectiveness).
  • Put into action the policies relating to preparing patients before and after surgeries.
  • Adhere to the implementation of the antibiotic treatment policy and the application of wound-dressing procedures, either at the section or the outpatient clinics … etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with the approved directory of the policies and procedures of isolation precautions at health facilities, and raise the efficiency of the bed management at isolation sections.
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