Clinical Auditing Program

Director General's Message

​His Excellency the Minister of Health issued a decision initiating the Clinical Auditing Program in 27/6/2009. The Program aims to audit the clinical, health, and operational performance, and it seeks to bring the health service standards up to par with the world levels. Advancing the health service standards contributes to building the health system which those benefiting from the service look up to. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) embraces "Patient First" motto and makes the patient its main focus.

The Clinical Auditing Program set and chose the first fruits of the clinical practice indicators and standards in the hospitals and primary care. It gathered their definitions and worked out the way of calculating it; this is due to keenness on the accuracy of results and working neutrally in terms of performance comparison.
Also, the Program formed and qualified the clinical auditing team at the level of hospitals, primary care, and health affairs, and the team is tasked with disseminating awareness and establishing the culture of gauging the performance and productivity. They further gather information and submit them to the Clinical Auditing Committee, and take what it takes towards developing performance. They also are to implement upgrading projects directly mirrored on the service and care of the auditor and patient.
The Clinical Auditing Program received the support of the Minister of Health and the Deputy Minister who approved of designing an e-program for collecting information; and in order to draw on them. This is with the aim of becoming a stepping stone for the control panel of hospitals and the headquarters of the Ministry and being recourse for the decision makers.
We aspire that the Clinical Auditing Program will be dynamic, interactive, and renewable program coping with the aspirations of those benefitting from the service; and complementing the role of the programs and departments participating and related to the patient's service, and materializing the MOH's strategic goals.
Allah knows best the intention behind one's deeds.
Dr. Atef bin Mohammed Soror,
Supervisor-General of the Clinical Auditing Program

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