Hajj 1432

Service "Pilgrims' Health is Our Concern"
For the 7th consecutive year, the Media Information and Health Awareness Center, under the Media, Relations and Health Awareness General Department, provides the service dubbed: (Pilgrims' Health is Our Concern), via the toll-free number: 8002494444. The Center will be making interview, on a daily basis, with many senior specialists in various specialties.

Also, The Center shall respond to all the incoming calls to answer the inquiries and questions stirring in the minds of the citizens and residents wishing to perform Hajj this year. Specialists will respond to inquiries made by pilgrims during Hajj as well. The service provides information on health requirements to be met by pilgrims, as well as instructional information to be followed during Hajj.

It should be noted that this health service is one of a series of services provided by the Center through an integrated team works to perform it in the best way possible annually and periodically in order to educate the largest segment of the community through keeping people up to date with news on international seasons, events, and days Proceeding from the keenness of the Ministry to ensure safety of citizens and raise health awareness among them.
Last Update : 24 October 2011 11:30 AM
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