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Arafat Hospital Conducts a Disaster Recovery Rehearsal
03 November 2011
In an ongoing effort by all the MOH facilities to handle any emergency cases during this Hajj season (1432H), Arafat General Hospital has conducted a disaster recovery rehearsal outside the hospital. The rehearsal took the form of handling a virtual disaster occurring in a virtual location, with the evacuation area being the chosen location of the rehearsal.

The Director-General of Arafat General Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kharroubi, has led the entire hospital staff through this rehearsal which included 10 cases with graded risk. On raising the alert level to Yellow, the Supportive Group (A), which consists of 2 doctors and 4 nurses, took the necessary medical supplies and ambulances and immediately headed for the virtual location of the unreal disaster to check on the injuries. This was followed by the transmission of the cases to the Hospital's Emergency Section in order of priority.
Dr. Al-Kharroubi went on to say that the cases transmitted have been received and handled by the emergency team.
Thereupon the alert level was raised to Blue in the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation room, in the Emergency Section, and the Counting Group came along to undertake its task (counting and screening injuries). Finally, the alert status was changed to Green, which marked the end of the rehearsal. Shortcomings were recorded by the Supervision Group, and were then reviewed and discussed with the groups involved, in order to evade them in the future.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Kharrouby underscored the necessity of such rehearsals, as they enable the hospital staff to measure the readiness of medical teams and supportive teams, with a view to discovering the shortcomings and drawbacks; thus preparing theses teams and groups for handling such disasters, should they occur – Allah forbid!

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