Hajj 1432

Health Guidelines before Hajj :
Health Guidelines before Hajj :
  •  Visit your doctor before traveling , to make sure of stability of your case and your ability to perform Hajj .
  • Make sure to take enough amount of your medications, especially if you are suffering from a chronic disease , which needs regular intake of medications such as cardiac diseases, hypertension, renal diseases, asthma, and Diabetes .
  •  Make sure to wear a bracelet or carry an ID card if you suffer from chronic disease , to facilitate the process of your resuscitation if you had any complications( God Forbid) .
  • Make sure to carry a detailed report about your disease , your treatment, and your doses , to help to follow up of your case if needed .
  •  Ensure that your personal bag contains the necessary cleaning supplies  like the towel, shaving razors, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, umbrella, loose cotton clothes , and moisturizing creams .
  • Ensure that your medical bag contains wound sterilization instruments , antipyretics and analgesic
  •  Ensure bringing blood glucose meter if you suffer from diabetes .
  • Ensure moving your feet  while seated on the plane or the bus , and walking or standing for a short period every hour or two, it helps prevent swelling of your feet .
  •  If you have Pulmonary tuberculosis , you should do all the medical tests, to exclude the possibility  of spreading infection to other pilgrims. It is recommended to delay Hajj until the completion of treatment and ensure your safety .

Vaccinations for Hajj:
Taking vaccination in advance before Hajj is essential to protect  pilgrims from infectious diseases , (with God's willing). There are a number of vaccinations recommended to take at least ten days before Hajj , and these vaccines either mandatory or optional. It is preferred to consult a doctor before taking the vaccination .

Target sector
Gives 3 years immunity
It is obligatory
10 days before Hajj
All Pilgrims and children from age 2 years and to pregnant women
Quadruple vaccine against meningitis
Gives immunity not more than 10 years
10 days before Hajj
Given to pilgrims coming from endemic areas like African deserts, and south American countries
Yellow fever vaccination
At least 10 days before Hajj
Recommended to be given to all travelers for Hajj and Omra, especially elderly, , patients with chronic diseases, congenital and acquired immunity diseases, metabolic diseases, obese and pregnant in the second trimester
Seasonal Flu vaccination
Given to patients with sickle cell anemia , Renal failure, lack of immunity, and with spleen excision ,as well as patients with hepatic, cardiac and pulmonary chronic diseases
Pulmonary diseases vaccination
Another dose given upon arrival to the Kingdom
6 weeks before Hajj
Given to pilgrims from endemic areas with polio virus , and given to all ages
Polio vaccination


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