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16 Tips from the Ministry of Health to Hajj Pilgrims
01 November 2011
The Ministry of Health has provided 16 tips to Hajj pilgrims, with the aim to preserve their health and safety during the performance of Hajj rites.

The Media Information and Health Awareness Center underscored the following tips and guidelines:
1-    Avoiding bothering others during the circumambulation of the Ka'ba (Tawaf), stoning (Rajm), walking between Safa and Marwa (Sa'i).
2-    Preserving personal hygiene, which is crucial for the prevention of diseases.
3-    Avoiding Tawaf and Sa'i in case of high temperature, and using umbrellas for the protection against the sunrays.
4-    Keeping away from uncovered foods, or those exposed to dust and flies.
5-    Depending, as much as possible, on packaged and preserved foods, after ensuring the validity (expiry date).
6-    Eating fruit and vegetables, as well as boiled foods, which are healthy and don’t agitate the intestine causing colic.
7-    Using the wrist strap (installed on the hand-watch), with the following information written on it: name, disease, and medication; so that your health status can by identified when necessary.
8-    Using handkerchiefs when you sneeze or have a cold, or a small private towel.
9-    Reducing physical effort (like wandering in the market) in cases of high temperature.
10-    Preserving the cleanliness of places you are staying at or moving to.
11-    Taking an adequate rest after each of the Hajj rites enables the body to restore its vivacity, and helps perform the other rites.
12-    Keeping at a distance from the persons suffering from infectious diseases (such as cold).
13-    Avoiding slaughtering the immolation in inappropriate.
14-    Carrying a small medical bag, in which the pilgrim can keep his medications to be needed when necessary.
15-    Carrying a diary in which the phone numbers of hospitals, and emergency numbers (Civil Defense, Red Crescent, Police, etc.), to ask for help when necessary.
16-    Heading for the nearest health center in case of feeling any symptoms or health problems.
Last Update : 20 November 2011 11:56 AM
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