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Cardiologist: Cardiac Patients Can Perform Hajj Provided They Enjoy a Stable Condition
02 November 2011
Dr. Muhib Al-Abdullah, a senior consultant cardiologist, has affirmed that cardiac patients can perform Hajj, provided they enjoy a stable health condition, after consulting their doctors a sufficient period prior to setting out for Hajj. He pointed out that the patients who had better abstain from performing Hajj are those who have recently suffered a heart attack, or felt the onset of new cardiac symptoms (such as chest pain and dyspnea), in addition to patients who have recently undergone (or are yet to undergo) an open-heart surgery. That is because Allah, in His Holy Book, says: (Hajj to the Ka'bah is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford it).

Dr. Muhib gave this advice in an interview at the Media Information and Health Awareness Center, through the toll-free number 8002494444, as part of the service dubbed: (Pilgrims' health is our concern), in response to the audience's (and especially the cardiac patients') enquiries.

The Center has received numerous faxes including medical examinations and tests. One of these tests showed that the patient was suffering a heart attack, and needed to be taken immediately to the hospital. Dr. Muhib Al-Abdullah directed that the patient should be transmitted to Prince Sultan Cardiac Center to undergo a heart catheterization surgery, and receive the necessary medication.
Directing his speech to the cardiac patients planning to perform Hajj, Dr. Muhib underscored taking the needed vaccinations, for the prevention of such diseases as meningitis, in addition to influenza, inasmuch as cardiac patients, especially those suffering weakness of the heart muscle, are more affected by influenza, as it may lead to heart failure.

Besides, Dr. Al-Abdullah advised pilgrims with heart disease to take with them a quantity of medications sufficient for the Hajj period, and to take the medicine regularly, and not to cease taking it for whatsoever reason, except under the supervision of a doctor. Whereas patients with hardening of the coronary arteries have to carry about Nitroglycerine pills all the time. A Nitroglycerine pill is to be taken on feeling chest pain – Allah forbid!

It did not escape Dr. Muhib's notice, also, to advice persons suffering heart problems to keep away, as much as possible, from fatigue, both mental and physical, as well as rage and fury. He also stressed the importance of food quality; as he dissuaded cardiac patients from salty and fatty foods.

Near the end, Dr. Muhib placed emphasis on the pains that cardiac patients might suffer, and advised them to head for the nearest hospital or health center in case of the repetition of a severe pain, that is not relieved even after taking the proper medicine.

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