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Al-Hawasi Opens the CT Division of 'Ohud' Hospital during his Inspection Tour in Madinah
01 November 2011
His Excellency Deputy Minister of Executive Affairs, Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Hawasi has opened the Computerized Tomography Division (CT) of 'Ohud' Hospital, as he cut the ribbon and listened to an elaborate explanation of the services to be provided by the Division.

This inauguration was a part of Dr. Al-Hawasi's inspection tour in Madinah; in the accompaniment of the Deputy Minister of Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammed Hamza Khusheim, Advisor to the Minister of Health and Supervisor-General of Medical Supply and Equipment, Dr. Salah Al-Mazrou, Assistant Deputy Minister of Curative Medicine, Dr. Aqeel Al-Ghamdi, and the Director-General of Media and Health Awareness, spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled bin Mohammed Merghalani; in the presence of the Director-General of Health Affairs in Madinah, Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al- Ta'ifi.

The delegation has initiated the tour by visiting King Fahd Hospital, where Al-Hawasi and his companions called on the inpatient pilgrims to check on their health and hand out gifts and flowers to them, especially those in intensive care units and internal sections. It followed that they headed for the Sterilization Division and the Digestive System Division to follow up how workflow is going to look like after the installation of the new medical appliances.

Once the tour came to a closure, a meeting was held at the office of the Director of King Fahd Hospital, Dr. Mohammed Ali Shahhat, to discuss the overall workflow of the hospital, as well as the requirements needed to provide a high-quality health service for patients; citizens and residents alike. Following the meeting, the delegation members had another tour in the Cardiac Center, where Dr. Osama Ahmed Amoudi gave them an elaborate account of the work of the center, and displayed statistics on the workflow, the operations performed in the center, as well as the new equipment that have been recently introduced to provide a high-quality curative service for cardiac patients. He also came across the new expansion of the center, in addition to the divisions to be added thereafter.

In continuation of the inspection tour in Madina, the delegation members have visited King Abdulaziz Kidney Center, and inspected the work cycle of its divisions. They listened to the explanation given by the supervisor of the center, Dr. Badr Humaid, on the work of the center and the nature of medical services provided for kidney patients. Meanwhile, he submitted a comprehensive report in this respect, and said he is looking forward to the expansion of the center, and provision of a number of high-tech appliances, to keep up with the medical development around the world. It did not escape Dr. Humaid's notice to enumerate the nature of the appliance and equipment needed to upgrade the medical service offered by the center to fulfill the international standards, and become the center to provide such services in the entire Middle East.
After that, Dr. Hawasi and the accompanying delegation paid a visit to 'Ohud' Hospital. They were received by the Director of the Hospital, Dr. Ali Karbouji, who accompanied them through a number of the hospital's sections (such as the Day Surgeries Division, the Dialysis Division and the Incubation Division); in order to see the expansion work underway in the division. The visit included, besides, the opening of the Computerized Tomography Division (CT), which is projected to serve a large number of patients, and shorten the medical treatment process a great deal.

In addition, Dr. Hawasi and his companions paid a quick visit to the project of the Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Hospital, now underway. They met with the contractor to specify the actual deadline of work, so as to be medically equipped and, hence, operated thereafter. It was agreed that the deadline would be within the first quarter of next year.
Then, the delegation members visited King Abdullah Medical City project, which includes a specialist hospital and a number of medical centers and they briefed on the progress and implementation that is progressing according to a certain schedule. The greater part of task has been successfully accomplished so far.

At the end of the tour, Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Hawassi, Deputy Minister of Executive Affairs, expressed his thanks to Dr. Abdullah Al-Ta'ifi, as well as all the health staff in Madinah, for their sincere efforts aimed to develop health services in the region.
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