FAQs - Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

FAQs - Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
    What is Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)?
    Why is this virus dangerous?
    How spread out is the virus within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
    How does someone get infected with the virus?
    Is the virus airborne?
    Is the virus seasonal?
    How can I protect myself from infection?
    What are the symptoms of infection?
    Is Coronavirus MERS the same as SARS?
    Is this an epidemic?
    How is the Ministry of Health working with other government, organisations, and experts from the scientific and medical community?
    How are new cases being diagnosed?
    What procedures are being taken with suspected cases of infection?
    How spread out is the virus throughout the world?
    Is there a vaccine?
    Is there a treatment or cure? How are patients being treated now?
    Why are most cases of the virus present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
    How many people are carriers?
    Is it necessary to start screening everybody who has symptoms of a cold or flu?
    Has the World Health Organization recommended any travel or trade restrictions anywhere in the world?
    What is being done by the scientific research community about Coronavirus?
    Are labs in KSA being set up and upgraded?
    Was the dialysis device in Al-Ahsa Region a source of infection?
    How is the Ministry of Health being transparent with information disclosure?
    What will the Ministry of Health do in case of sudden outbreak in a school or hospital or another place?
    Will any schools be closed? What do parents need to know?
    Is it possible to get infected by coming into contact with camels or consuming camel products?
    What is being done to prepare for Hajj?
    Why are there lots of cases in Jeddah/ Riyadh?
    Is Sheesha something to be wary of in transmitting of the disease?
    Are passengers being tested for MERS CoV at the airport before they leave?
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