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    Command and Control Center (CCC) is the Public Health Emergency Operation Center of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Saudi Arabia that ensures a timely and rapid response to Health Events with relevant local and international stakeholder

    CCC interfaces between various stakeholders: it oversees MOH’s preparedness to public health events and leads health surveillance to handle national and international health threats. CCC monitors, evaluates and controls existing MOH entities—based on predefined levels of risk and liaises. Such function mainly includes: 

    Minimize the likelihood of a health crisis through prevention measures.
    Ensure the required medical infrastructure (staff and equipment).
    Develop response plans to contain a possible crisis.
    Train and drill on response plans.

    Monitor threats, triggers and alerts.
    Oversee preparedness in all MOH’s facilities across regions.

    Rapid Response:
    Leads the rapid response of all MOH units and coordinate with other stakeholders.
    Develop crisis-specific action plans.
    Monitor and follow up crisis response activities.

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