​As previously noted, not much is precisely known about ways of virus transmission from one person to others (human-to-human infection). However, generally speaking, MOH recommends those contacting the infected people to follow the rules of infection control, meant to reduce the outbreak of flu and infectious respiratory diseases, mainly:​

Wash your hands well and continually with water and soap, or with other disinfectants used for hand washing, after dealing with the infected patient or using any of his personal tools such as towels, eating tools, … etc.

The infected patients have to use handkerchiefs tissues when sneezing or coughing and safely get rid of them in the trash.

Put on face-masks only if you are sick or visiting sick patients .​
Avoid sharing the infected patients their personal tools, such as cups, spoons, towels … etc.
Isolate the infected patient in a single room, if possible.

​Elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are recommended not to visit the infected patients. 
​Those persons, who are in direct contact with infected patients, have to see a doctor immediately on the incidence of any respiratory symptoms.​