Vision Realization Office

Vision, Mission and Goals


A health system that promotes, protects and restores the health of both individuals and the society.

To transform the health sector in a gradual, safe and efficient manner, from beneficiary's perspective, to ensure that the system is dynamic, technology enabled, as well as fosters both preventive and therapeutic health services for both individuals and the society.

The VRO seeks to achieve four key objectives, namely:
  • ​Achieving the objectives of both the 2020 National Transformation Program and the Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Monitoring transformational initiatives, tracking the progress of implementation plans, and continuously assessing the level of performance and quality.
  • Creating a motivating and productive work environment that attracts competent and national talents.
  • Working within the “Vision 2030” governance framework to ensure disciplined internal operation and alignment with government agencies.

Last Update : 29 March 2021 02:22 PM
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