Private Sector Participation

Current Plans

Current plans to reach the Goals:
  • To overcome the legislative and procedural obstacles that limit the ability of the private sector to implement the objectives of the vision.
  • Selecting suitable models for PSP and identifying priority services for which the private sector can participate.
  • Strengthen competitive forces to provide more efficient services in the development of project performance by liberalizing restrictions and increasing competition for the private sector by enacting and regulating laws to pave the way for them and that the government is the regulator
  • Building an incentive system in the development, operation and delivery of health care services.
  • To assign public projects to the private sector, in accordance with partnerships with the State, to operate and manage them in a manner that serves the objectives of competitiveness and transparency.
  • Create an appropriate investment climate for the private sector, and encourage local investment to
  • attract local and international capital to serve the development of channels of utilization of local content and national industry.
  • Reduction of capital expenditures in various health care areas.
Expected results:
  • Increased participation of the private sector in the provision of health care makes it possible to achieve balance and sharing of risks and responsibilities between public and private actors• Improve overall health system efficiency by employing diverse and innovative funding mechanisms.
  • The use of modern management methods and private sector expertise.
  • Provide innovative and sustainable solutions for healthcare services.
  • Increased access to global knowledge and expertise in most areas of health care delivery.
  • Use innovative models tailored to the reality and aspirations of citizens, ensuring protection against monopoly and creating a competitive environment for private sector partners.

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