Private Sector Participation


​Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides an attractive Initiatives for investments in many strategic sectors which the Kingdom has high comparative advantages, in addition to the continuous efforts exerted by improving and developing the regulatory and legislative framework that enables the healthy environment for investment, especially with regard to private sector participation projects. The involvement of the private sector is therefore beneficial in introducing new financing modalities, optimizing resources and increasing efficiency of performance.

Ministry of Health is committed to providing health services that meet the aspirations of the citizen and the Ministry's continued commitment to realizing the vision of 2030, which seeks to empower the private sector in economic growth and sustainable development, and to continuously increase the sector's contribution and give it an advanced position in the transformation of the sector. The role of the private sector will be activated by linking public and private sector forces to raise the level of public health services, increase patient satisfaction, reduce financial risks, and create sustainability in development to implement this vision.​

Last Update : 15 August 2018 03:53 AM
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