Health Sector Governance

​The health sector, as part of 2030 Vision, is undergoing major transformational reform aimed at delivering substantial improvements in quality, efficiency, and safety. These reforms are structured along six themes; 15 specific objectives, and a set of 22 strategic initiatives aiming at transforming the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to ensure sustainable financing, appropriate access, and a continuous improvement of the quality of services to the citizens and residents of the Kingdom. This is a major transformation effort which includes the launch of major initiatives. For example, introduction of health care financing, redefining the model of care, corporatization, and many more.

The Vision Realization Office (VRO), a function within MoH, has a mandate to design, operate and monitor these initiatives as part of the National Transformation Plan. As a result of this transformation, MoH will have a redefined role as the sole policymaking / regulatory body in KSA (with oversight over other regulatory agencies). In light of this new vision for MoH, there is an opportunity to review the current governance arrangements across the healthcare system and design the future model.

This presents an opportunity to review the current governance arrangements across the health sector, in the context of the future vision, and design of the future model that fully supports the Ministry of Health in its new policy setting and regulator role.​

Last Update : 15 August 2018 09:04 AM
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