Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ‘s Vision 2030 articulates a number of significant improvement targets in the shape and structure of the healthcare sector across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Vision Realization Office (VRO) at the Ministry of Health (MoH) is leading a number of initiatives on healthcare reform by designing, operating, and monitoring specific initiatives.

In light of the Vision 2030, MoH is taking the opportunity to review the current way of planning its manpower, facilities, and equipment. It wishes to move towards a more data-driven planning methodology, which will enable the MoH to plan for the long-term improved quality of service, while realizing efficiency gains at the same time.

The objectives of strategic workforce planning are:
  • Filling the gaps in the health sector market by training the available manpower to meet the goals of the transformation in healthcare 
  • Creating new job opportunities for Saudis and increase the number of Saudi healthcare professionals in the health sector.
  • Increasing the number of primary healthcare professionals and improving the quality of the services provided. 
  • Raising the capabilities of health sector workers to ensure high quality services.