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Ministry of Health (MOH), the Pharmaceutical Services Department at Mina El-Wadi Hospital … Medication Safety Program to ensure patient safety and provide better pharmaceutical care
Date: 7/7/2022 Size: 117KB

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the strategic plan for management of pharmaceutical care through signing of agreements with local and …
Date: 3/6/2014 Size: 119KB

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The pharmacist’s main duty is to … Providing distinct pharmaceutical care for patients in the Kingdom … Its main objective is to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical products …
Date: 10/13/2015 Size: 92KB

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upon his arrival, the patient is taken care of as per the medical diagnosis and treatment … with detoxification which includes pharmaceutical care, treatment of drug withdrawal, as …
Date: 3/6/2018 Size: 116KB

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MOH Holds «Your Safety is Our Goal» Event 09 November 2020 … The Pharmaceutical Care General Department at the Ministry of Health (MOH), in collaboration …
Date: 11/9/2020 Size: 116KB

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Such huge turnout is attributed to the measures taken by the … patient safety, primary health care, obstetrics and gynecology, pharmaceutical care, security and safety in medical …
Date: 5/18/2016 Size: 116KB

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faced many challenges and made great contributions to the pharmaceutical care sector … Community knowledge of the reliability of pharmacists … Knowing the role of pharmacists in society and …
Date: 2/7/2023 Size: 92KB

4. Clinical Pharmacist Interventions in Intensive Care Units During Hajj In this issue … of the General Administration of Pharmaceutical Care, Therapeutic A airs Deputyship SaudiMOH …
Date: 10/17/2023 Size: 7MB

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Al-Jouf: 12,000+ Beneficiaries of Specialist Dental Center in 3 Months 06 May 2021 … has served 3,022 beneficiaries, in addition to 305 beneficiaries of pharmaceutical care
Date: 5/9/2021 Size: 115KB

Job Openings in The General Department of Pharmaceutical Care Within the process of seeking qualified … Minimum experience of 2 years in the field … Position may required changing in working …
Date: 12/31/2019 Size: 1MB

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