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Rafha General Hospital: Pharmaceutical Consultation Clinic Launched
09 May 2018

​According to the Northern Borders Health Affairs, the Pharmaceutical Consultation Clinic has been launched at Rafha General Hospital, with meant to promote the quality and efficiency of medical services and to improve the patient health status. The clinic provides pharmaceutical consultation for patients (especially those with chronic diseases) to get the best results, to eliminate negative effects of medicines, and to strengthen the patient's medical commitment. This service will improve the quality of health care, ensure that patients get the highest possible benefit, as well as working closely with doctors to help them manage medicines better, to reduce their negative effects, to have the best clinical results, and to provide better education and guidance to patients.

It is worth mentioning that the Northern Borders Health Affairs features 12 specialized medical centers (a cardiac center, 5 diabetes centers, 3 kidney centers, and 3 dental centers), as well as 11 hospitals with a 1,410-bed capacity, which are enhanced with a number of delicate medical specialties such as: neurosurgery, heart surgery, bariatric surgery, endoscopy, and others. Also, the Affairs has 48 primary healthcare centers.

On the other hand, the official account of e-services provided by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to government bodies underlined that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is the first government body to implement and fully benefit from all e-services on «Itimad» Portal. This portal provides e-services through five departments (Budget, Tender and Procurement, Contract and Approval, Payment, and Staff Financial Rights).​

Last Update : 14 May 2018 08:31 AM
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