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26,563 Visits to Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health- Jeddah Last Year
19 February 2018

​Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health- Jeddah, in 2017, served 26,563 patients at all departments (outpatient clinics, emergency and extended care), while support medical services performed 53,455 lab tests and 2,008 radiology diagnostics. Also, the addiction treatment support services provided 10,139 sessions at the Clinical Psychology Department. In the same vein, 32,808 social services were provided to patients and their families.  

The Complex operates 24/7. Immediately upon his arrival, the patient is taken care of as per the medical diagnosis and treatment plan developed by the physician through the treating team including all specialties (addiction medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, social specialist, psychologist, religious counselor, nursing services, recovering counselor, physiotherapy and occupational therapy). The plan aims to help the patient recover from addiction until he restores his potential as an active member of community.  

Addiction treatment consists of four stages, starting with detoxification which includes pharmaceutical care, treatment of drug withdrawal, as well as mental disorders associated with substance abuse. The second stage aims to modify drug-related behaviors through a one-day treatment program to upgrade and develop a healthy behavior. The third stage features rehabilitation and recovering, during which the patient’s psychological and social ​skills are honed, in addition to learning the correct ways to deal with broader community issues and to continue acquiring positive behaviors. Lastly, the fourth stage involves extended care; when patient returns to the community with the help of a specialist in order to maintain his recovery and to prevent future setbacks. 

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