Health Days 2023

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On this day, World Health Organization (WHO) joined its partners to celebrate under the theme (A Day for All), which reflects a growing understanding that disability is part of the human condition. Despite this, few countries have adequate mechanisms in place to fully respond to needs of people with disabilities.
It is essential that disability inclusion be central to health system planning, development and decision-making. Strong and effective health systems support strong management of health emergencies.
  • Understanding the issues of people with disabilities in order to guarantee their rights.
  • Enabling persons with disabilities to achieve independent development.
  • Accessing best health services without discrimination.
  • Enhancing their self-confidence and abilities through their participation in various activities.
  • Involving them fully in all aspects of life and development.
  • Identifying and removing obstacles and barriers to their potential.
  • It is estimated that 1.3 billion people - or 1 out of 6 people worldwide - have a major disability.
  • Some people with disabilities die up to 20 years earlier than other people without disabilities.
  • Persons with disabilities are at twice the risk of developing diseases such as depression, asthma, diabetes, stroke, obesity and poor oral health.
  • Inaccessible health facilities are 6 times more difficult for people with disabilities.
  • People with disabilities find accessible and affordable transportation 15 times more difficult than people without disabilities.
  • Health inequalities arise from unfair conditions faced by persons with disabilities, including stigma, discrimination, poverty, exclusion from education and employment, and barriers to the health system itself.
  • This number is expected to increase due to aging of the population and increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases.
  • Persons with disabilities in a number of developing countries suffer from lower health status, lower educational achievements, lower economic participation, and higher rates of poverty than persons without disabilities.
  • COVID-19 has further harmed and increased vulnerability of many persons with disabilities due to barriers in health and social sectors.
  • Many people will become temporarily or permanently disabled at some point in their lives.
Official Date:
Globally: December 3rd, 2022
Locally: Jumada al-Awwal 19th, 1445H 

Last Update : 04 February 2023 01:01 PM
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