Health Days 2023

Seliac day

  • Celiac disease, is an immune disease in which the body attacks itself, specifically the small intestine when consuming gluten. The cause of the disease is not known yet, but there are risk factors that may increase possibility of infection.
  • Most of problems associated with Celiac are related to growth and malnutrition. due to intestinal damage.
  • Celiac complications only affect people who continue to eat gluten.
  • There is no cure for Celiac, but a gluten-free diet is required.

  • Highlighting awareness of the disease
  • 1 in every 100 people has celiac disease.
  • Some simple cases may not cause any symptoms, but the diagnosis may prove celiac infection. Symptoms may appear in some of them after eating gluten for the first time, and may appear in others after eating it more than once. Symptoms may include:
  • Diarrhea, which is the most common symptom.
  • Digestive problems, such as: nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, flatulence, constipation.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Appearance of fat with stool; because it is not absorbed by the body.
  • Tiredness and exhaustion; Due to poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Weight loss for no reason.
Official Date:
Globally: May 1st -31st, 2023 
Locally: Shawwal- Dhul-Qa'eda 11th -11th, 1444H​

Last Update : 17 January 2023 12:06 PM
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