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The Ministry of Health has initially sought to provide assistance for people with special needs on the Portal by taking into consideration software requirements that assist that group to browse the Portal. MOH has adopted the following procedures:
  • Meet Global Measures Requirements (W3C-Web Accessibility):

A group of standards that must be met have been adopted by MOH, allowing visitors to access and browse information on the Portal using different senses; which makes the portal easily accessible by utilizing the assisting, special devices for the physically disabled. Moreover, what helps meet those standards is text reader software as it aids the visually impaired to easily read all elements on the page while browsing the portal. For more information about W3C standards, please visit W3C standards.     

  • Automatic Reader Service:

The MOH Portal provides the Automatic Reader text-to-speech service to read the Portal’s content and texts in order to assist the visually impaired. This service can be used by clicking the service icon on the toolbar usually at the top of the page. Moreover, the Ministry endeavours to provide more tools to assist the visually impaired.

  • Change Font Size:

This service allows the visually impaired to clearly read the texts by using the below illustrated icons to increase or decrease the font size of texts in the portal.


  • Change the Colour of the Portal Completely:

This service enables the portal visitors who have colour vision difficulties to easily browse the portal, to suit their needs by changing the portal’s colour to grey.

Gray-Bnr.JPG Green.JPG

  • ​Minimize the Need to Browse in the Page:

A great deal of information is displayed without the need to navigate in the Portal. That allows the browser to access as much information as possible without having to use the mouse or any special devices; which facilitates browsing for the physically impaired.


  • Assistance for the People with Special Needs​:  In view of the importance of sign language for the users with special needs who visits the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Portal, the Ministry has recently launched a sign language service along with videos displayed on the MOH Portal. This is to benefit the public, and spread the health awareness guidelines amid the users with special needs in particular.




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