Health Sector Transformation Goals

​The transformation in the health sector is a new stage in the development of our nation, and the health sector transformation program is one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to achieve its goals, which are based on 4 strategic objectives, which are:

Facilitating access to healthcare services: Facilitating access to healthcare services for beneficiaries at the appropriate time and place, through four elements: expansion of the total capacity (hospital beds and medical staff), and appropriate geographical distribution (distance between the beneficiary and one of the health care providers), timely access to relevant services, and affordability of healthcare for individuals.

Improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services: This goal focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services and free insurance for citizens, by supporting the health system’s response to the health needs and expectations of the community and promoting safe and effective health coverage while ensuring financial sustainability.

Strengthening prevention against health risks: This goal includes two components: public preventive health (such as community awareness and vaccination) to reduce exposure to diseases and dealing with health crises of infectious and non-communicable diseases, including dealing with epidemics and natural disasters, and reducing the general effects of the spread of epidemics at the national level. 

Enhancing traffic safety: Traffic safety is reflected in the following four aspects, arranged according to the extent of damage: injuries, accidents, and the spread of serious violations.

Last Update : 28 February 2024 01:43 PM
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