Health Days 2019

International Infection Prevention Week

​​Countries around the world celebrate the International Infection Prevention Week from October 16-22 every year. During this week, infection prevention experts gather to raise awareness of their key role, to protect community members from infectious diseases, and to conduct educational activities to enhance and develop their role. 

  • 1 in 10 patients get an infection while receiving care.
  • Effective infection prevention reduces health care-associated infections by 30%.
  • Patient has the right to inquire about the health facilities' infection prevention methods and ask healthcare providers to clean their hands. 
  • The prevalence of health care-associated infection varies between 12% and 18%.
  • 12% of surgery-associated infections caused by surgical site infection. 
  •  Handwashing with soap prevents health care-associated infections.  
  • Health facilities infection is one of the major challenges facing the health sector.

Official Date:
Globally: October 16th-22nd, 2019.
Locally: Safar 17th-23rd, 1441H. 

  • Raise the awreness about the importance of infection prevention specialists' role.
  • Raise the awareness of patients' role in preventing infection.
  • Promote infection prevention in health institutions. 

Theme of the International Infection Prevention Week: 

Vaccines are Everybody's Business

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