MOH's Pioneer Research Award

Award Scope and Conditions
​​​​​​​Award Scope (​​Proposed Health Research Topics):
  1. Population and Public Health: Understanding the impact of social, cultural, environmental, occupational and economic factors on health.
  2. E-Health Systems and Health Services: Verifying the efficiency of the health systems and the e-health system. 
  3. Biomedicine: Understanding biological processes inside the human body, and main causes of diseases.
  4. Clinical Researches: Testing of medications and devices and conveying laboratory's results to patients.

Award Terms and Conditions:
  1. ​​​​​The applicant must be Saudi and the principal investigator of the research project.
  2. The research project must have been conducted in Saudi Arabia​.​
  3. The applicant is not required to be a member of MOH's staff in the following Awards tracks: ​
  4. 1​​​- The first track is available for all researchers of health sector in the Kingdom. 
    2​​- The third track is available for all researchers of health sector in the Kingdom.
    3- The fifth​ track is available for all researchers of health sector in the Kingdom.
    4- The seventh track is available for Saudi student researchers of education sector inside and outside the Kingdom.

  5. It is not allowed to apply for more than two tracks of the Award.
  6. It is not allowed to submit any work that won a prize from another organization at the same or higher level. 
  7. The applicant must sign an acknowledgement on the validity of all information mentioned in his/her application, with assuming full responsibility for it.
  8. The applicant should not be a member of the Award Board or any of its committees during the same year.
  9. It is preferable that the submitted scientific research is published in a high-impact factor journal, and should be a collaborative research with the participation of more than one organization​.
  10. The research must be published in MOH's Rese​arch Database​.

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