MOH's Pioneer Research Award

About the Award


The Ministry of Health (MOH) has introduced the award for its belief in the importance of researches for disease prevention and control, and for improving the health systems' performance; in an endeavor to improve community's health. 
In order to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 for an ambitious homeland, and to encourage health researches and researchers, MOH invites qualified researchers or research teams wishing to apply for the 1st Annual Research Award 2019.

Leadership in knowledge production for health promotion.

Boosting research activities through motivating researchers and upgrading national capabilities.

  1. Encouraging and honoring outstanding research cadres in the health field.
  2. Contributing to development of research environment.
  3. Providing strategic support to submit outstanding and innovative researches based on international standards.
  4. Leadership in health research at regional and international levels.

Last Update : 09 December 2019 01:50 PM
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