MOH's Pioneer Research Award

Award Criteria

​Evaluation and Selection Criteria:

  1. First Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on the impact factor of the scientific journal, which published the research and the number of scientific​ citations in the submitted research.  
  2. Second Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on researches' production published in peer-reviewed journals with a high  impact factor (of no less than 1.6),  in addition to the number of citations by the researchers.  
  3. ​Third Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on the superiority of the following indicators: 
    • i10-Index (5years).
    • Number of publications with at least 10 citations.
    • H-Index (5 years).
    •  H-Index = number of papers (h) with a citation number ≥ h.​
  4. Fourth Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on the superiority of the following indicators: 
    • i10-Index.
    • H-Index.
    • Number of scientific citations.
  5. Fifth Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on matching what has been published in media channels with a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  6. ​Sixth Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on the highest number of publications in a peer-reviewed scientific journals (with an impact factor of no less than 2), in addition to the highest number of citations.
  7. Seventh Track Criteria: Selection criteria is based on best health innovation, in terms of the following:
  • Achieve sustainable solutions to reduce health care costs.
  • Improve the quality of health services.
  • Improve the quality of​ life for individuals through the development of new methods of disease prevention and treatment.
  • Finding new ways to deliver health services. 
​Selection Criteria for Award Tracks:
Selection is based on excellence according to the following criteria:
  1. Pioneering: The research project should be unique in terms of its technique, idea, concept, and approach.  
  2. ​Importance: The research deliverables should have a significant influence in the Kingdom, especially on the proposed health research topics​.  
  3. Collaboration: The collaborative research should be conducted with the participation of more than one organization.
  4. Impact: 20% for Impact: The research project should have a direct impact on healthcare, introduce a new model/ device/ process for healthcare development, or have an impact on the Saudi economic development.​
  5. Appreciation by Colleagues: The research project should be published in an indexed journal, or be granted a patent. 
  6. Research Excellence: Number of research papers published in indexed journals.
  7. Research Leadership: Number of published papers for the researcher as a first author. 

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