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​​The MOH Portal is keen to enable its visitors to personalize the pages, by means of providing the option to change the font size of the portal; in an effort to make it more comfortable for the reader’s eyes. This could be done by using the icons shown in the following image to increase and decrease the font size of the texts at the portal:


Thereafter, visitors can also change the color (to gray​​) of the entire portal to help them browse the portal conveniently, in a manner commensurate with their own needs, by using the icons shown in the following image to change the color of the portal:
It should be noted, nevertheless, that the portal restore the former (default) settings once the visitor signs out. Meanwhile, all the settings saved by him on his account, including the chosen font and color, are restored when he signs in again; thus saving his effort and time. 
May Favourites
​Additionally, you will be able, my dear visitor, to create your own favorite list of contents you seek to save so that you can easily review it at any time. This requires creating an account on the Ministry of Health (MOH) Portal, then singing in and selecting (Add My Personal Favorite) and completing the steps.
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