Project Overview

The hospital provides frontline emergency care services for pilgrims coming to Madinah and some local residents. The current hospital was originally constructed as a primary healthcare centre, but it has been developed over time into a 90-bed hospital through adding extensions to the original building. This has led to a facility with poor patient flow between departments and cramped corridors and rooms. The increasing number of pilgrims each year has increased the pressures on clinical services, especially at the Emergency Department, which currently receives over 400,000 cases each year.

It is proposed to invite the private sector to build and operate a new hospital on a greenfield site close to the current building.  The Project will include clinical services, in addition to construction works.  It is a pilot project, and MOH proposes to implement the same model, in case of its success, in other brownfield and greenfield projects in the Kingdom.

Last Update : 18 November 2018 01:46 PM
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