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Albinism day

Albinism is a rare, non-contagious hereditary congenital disorder. It lasts a lifetime, and does not get worse over time. Those affected are often pale. There are many types of albinism, and people can be affected by it to different degrees.
 Other names for albinism:  Albinism – Barass - Albin.
  • Highlighting the good qualities of people with albinism around the world.
  • Highlighting people with albinism who have overcome difficult challenges in their daily lives.
  • Awareness about this disease.

  • Albinism is an inherited disorder characterized by complete or partial absence of melanin from the body.
  • Signs appear on the skin, hair, eye color, and vision, and eye problems are the first sign of it.
  • The infected person is more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer.
  • There is no cure; But those affected can take steps to protect the skin and enhance vision.
Official Date:
Globally: June 13th, 2024 
Locally: Dhul-Hijjah 7th, 1445H


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