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World Environment Day

Protecting and improving the human environment is a major issue that affects people's well-being and economic development all over the world. Therefore, June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day.
This World Day is an opportunity to expand the base of informed opinion and responsible behavior of individuals, companies, and communities to preserve the environment. Since its inception in 1974, World Environment Day has become a global platform for public awareness that is widely celebrated in more than 100 countries.
  • Developing a new vision, reshaping, and reforming.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.
  • Every three seconds, the world loses enough forests to cover a football field as a result of human intervention.
  • Loss of ecosystem leads to increased global warming.
Official Date:
Globally: June 5th, 2024 
Locally: Dhul-Qa’eda 28th, 1445H


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