“Lumineers” is one of the ways to improve the shape and color of teeth. It is painless and does not require removing a layer of the enamel. 
Cases that are perfect candidates for lumineers should have perfect teeth with perfect alignment (e.g. teeth not too close to each other and exactly in place).
What are Lumineers?
They are a special type of veneers. They are made up of very thin layers that are placed on the surface of the teeth (like a contact lens). Their thickness is 0.1 mm (while the thickness of the veneers is at least 0.3 mm), and they are made of porcelain.
Application procedures
First, a dental impression is taken and sent to the lab for the lumineers to be made in the right size. On the second session, the dentist will apply them to the teeth to see if the patient is comfortable with them. Then, they get bonded to the teeth.
Uses of lumineers:
  • ​Give a nice smile.
  • Close gaps between teeth.
  • Improve teeth shape and alignment.
  • Enhance teeth color in simple cases (either all or some of the teeth) whether they’re natural or artificial (crowns or bridges).
  • Correct fractures or erosions.
  • Renew application of old teeth.
Despite its advantages, lumineers may not be suitable for everyone. They only solve some minor dental problems, and their use is not recommended in the following cases:
  • ​Massive damage of the enamel layer.
  • Large gaps between teeth.
  • Wanting a major change in teeth.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Painless.
  • Don't require removing a large layer of enamel.
  • ​Removable.
  • Teeth whiteness lasts for long.
  • Might not cover dark spot variations on the teeth.
  • In some cases, they can cause teeth size to be enlarged.
  • Increase accumulation of tartar, which could lead to gum diseases.
How to maintain your lumineers?
  • Avoid bad habits (e.g. Biting nails, pens) to avoid ruining your lumineers.
  • You should also avoid nibbling nuts or seeds as this can affect your lumineers as well.
  • Make sure you keep your mouth and teeth clean. You should also floss, especially in areas where the lumineers meet the gums.
  • See your dentist at least every 6 months to get a check-up and have your teeth cleaned.
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