Assistant Agency for Preventive Health

The Assistant Agency for Preventive Health aims at:
  •  Boosting the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare provided in the health facilities related to the Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • Raising the patients' health awareness level.
  •  Making a positive difference in terms of the community health it serves.
  •  Preparing the future leaders in the public health and preventive medicine field by conducting proper training programs.
  • Supporting the health workers' interest in the importance of the preventive health.
  • Boosting the activities of the scientific research going with the Agency's mission and vision.
  •  Improving the quality of life for the Kingdom's population.  
  •  Coming up with the general policies, developing the plans and prevention programs from the infectious and epidemiological diseases, and supervising its implementation.
  •  Putting forward the general policies and strategies, setting the health programs related to the non-communicable diseases, and implementing these programs or overseeing its implementation.
  • Participating in following up and evaluating the health programs launched by the departments by crafting their own plans, implementing them or supervising their implementation.      
  •  Putting paid to the environment, food, and compound substances pollutants and developing the necessary plans; in order to adjust these proportions in line with the latest world standards. 
  • Organizing the procedures apt to improve the environment, maintain its safety, and issue the instructions necessary for that in coordination with the relevant bodies.
  •  Monitoring and following up the health aspects related to the potable water in collaboration with the concerned bodies. 
  • Overseeing the work in relation to getting rid of the medical waste in cooperation with the concerned bodies.
  • Setting the standards and rules of controlling the infection within the health facilities.   
  •  Taking part in studying and preparing the health requirements relevant to the professions with the highest health priories in coordination with the concerned bodies: determining risks, setting the guidelines, setting the swift intervention standards for protecting the workers.
  • Imposing health-based monitoring over the Kingdom's ports and following up the imported and locally-manufactured commodities and foodstuff before entering in cooperation with the concerned bodies.
  • Enhancing and following up the researches and studies conducted by the international organizations and scientific bodies in the preventive health field.   
  •  Building a database concerned with the health problems in the Assistant Agency and pinpointing its size and its impact on the community and their addressing strategies; and following up and evaluating the activities set to that effect.   
  •  Releasing the technical and administrative facilitating carrying out the Agency's objectives and strategies. 
  •  Enhancing fostering the health and environment awareness and having the community take part in the preventive programs and activities.
  •  Encouraging contributions to supporting the health and environment. 
  • Communicating continuously with the national bodies and the relevant international and regional organizations 
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