Assistant Agency for Preventive Health

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Assistant Agency for Preventive Health is tasked with many tasks and responsibilities, including:

  •  Supervising all the activities of the departments related to the Agency.
  •  Preparing and implementing the training programs of the preventive health.
  • Developing the policies and procedures of the preventive health and circulating them to the departments related to the agencies.
  •  Following up asserting the policies and procedures
  •  Providing evidence-based database in the preventive health field. 
  •  Developing plans and contributing to drawing up the future policies and needs to continue uprooting such as infantile paralysis and putting paid to others such as measles and rubella.
  •  Building the control programs for some communicable diseases such as dengue fever and viral hepatitis and non-communicable ones such as diabetes.
  •  Preparing early for facing the novel and transmitted diseases. 
  •  Crafting the disease-based awareness messages in cooperation and coordination with the MOH Health Awareness Department.
  •  Taking part in determining the health priorities and needs by studying the current status and what is to be achieved in the future
  • Coordinating with the general departments and concerned bodies in the directorates for training the disease coordinators.
  •  Setting the guidelines of the communicable and non-communicable diseases in line with the evidence-based medicine.
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