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Assistant Deputy Minister's Message
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Thank you for visiting the website of the agency of hospital affairs.
We are working  to reach the MOH vision, of "delivering best-quality integrated and comprehensive healthcare services ", and to achieve the MOH mission in, provision of healthcare at all levels, promotion of general health and prevention of diseases, in addition to developing the laws and legislations regulating both the governmental and private health sectors. Aside from that, MOH is accountable for performance monitoring in health institutions, along with the research activity and academic training in the field of health investment.

We are confident and optimistic that our health care system will go through serious work to improve the efficiency and quality of care delivered to our community to meet the vision of our leadership.
Our team is proud to be part of this transformation.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so that we improve our services.
Best regards,
                          Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Hospitals Affairs
Last Update : 20 March 2016 10:20 AM
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