Assistant Agency for Hospital Affairs

  • Setting the Saudi Primary Health Care Strategy (2011 – 2020), as a manifestation of the concept of comprehensive and integrated health care.
  • Setting the ten-year dental strategy.
  • Setting a health strategy for the mental and social health services provided in the Kingdom.
  • Developing the Healthy Marriage Program.
  • Preparing a comprehensive study for purchasing dialysis services.
  • Forming a specialized committee to study the internationally approved standards for the work guides, policies and procedures of all medical specialties.
  • Listing all MOH facilities for regular, comprehensive inspection field tours by all the Agency's departments.
  • Establishing partnerships with institutions and universities to attract distinguished constellations of highly qualified consultant physicians, so as to be temporarily hired at the Ministry's hospitals, within the framework of the “Visiting Physician Program”.
  • Conducing the National Survey of Mental Health.
  • Putting forward the action plan and implementation standards of the Nursing Departments Project in regions (Change Portal Project).
  • Setting the Nursing Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan (1432H).
  • Setting the Patient Safety Follow-up and Improvement Plan (1432H).
  • Developing an electronic database to follow up patients' safety.
  • Completing the 4th phase of the renovation project of primary healthcare centers, and following it up in coordination with the regions.
  • Preparing an operational plan for the Mobile Primary Health Care Program.
  • Collecting and analyzing the Nutritional Surveillance data for the year 1431H.
  • Preparing the project meant to equip 97 hospitals with the Medical Dictation System.
  • Introducing 200 primary healthcare centers for this year, and 100 primary healthcare centers for the last year.
  • Supplanting the Social Affairs Department in overseeing mental convalescence centers.
  • Completing the operation of two dental centers the north of Jeddah and east of Riyadh.
  • Carrying out several training courses, workshops and specialized symposia, and providing several outstanding health-awareness programs.
  • Preparing a number of guides and manuals by the IC Technical Committee, the ENT Technical Committee, the Hematology Technical Committee, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Technical Committee, the Neurosurgery Technical Committee, the Newborns Technical Committee, the Emergency Technical Committee, the Diabetes Technical Committee.
  • Updating the Deaths Directory.
  • Reviewing the schemes of hospitals with the MOH Projects Department.
  • Overseeing and following up the operation of all the Kingdom's accomplished hospitals.




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