Assistant Agency for Hospital Affairs

  • Developing precise, clear-cut strategies, rules, and specifications for the curative services provided by the Ministry, in a way that copes with the modern scientific strides and achievements, and reinforces the integration of departments concerned about curative health services, in light of the current grand expansion of the Ministry's services.
  • Oversight over all that has to do with curative services at hospitals and their departments, and the coordination that would ensure providing high quality curative services.
  • Developing the work cycle, by way of proposing therapeutic policies, and assessing proficiency in providing safe services.
  • Reviewing and updating strategies of curative services at hospitals, and following up the enactment of such strategies, in a way that ensures the accomplishment of social justice, and keeping pace with the scientific advances.
  • Conducting regular, correctional inspection tours.
  • Following up the availability of curative services and supplies.
  • Health education and enhancement of healthy lifestyles, proceeding from the behavioral code inspired by our noble religion.
  • Following up compliance with the food safety standards.
  • Promoting the services associated with mental, psychological and social health.
  • Following up the availability of secure and effective medicines, and overseeing their use, in concordance with the internationally approved standards.
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