Health Days 2020

International Day of Older Persons
Older people have always played a significant role in society as leaders, caretakers and custodians of tradition. Yet they are also highly vulnerable to chronic diseases and their complications, declining functional abilities, becoming disabled and facing negative effects of discrimination. As health care improves, the population of older people is growing. Their needs are also growing, as are their contributions to the world. The International Day of Older Persons, which is celebrated on the first of October every year, is an opportunity to highlight the important contributions that older people make to society and raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges of ageing in today’s world.

  • The number of persons aged 60 years or over is projected to grow by 46 per cent, from 962 million to 1.4 billion, globally outnumbering youth, as well as children under the age of 10.
  • The Saudi elderly aged 60 years and over represent 6.5% of the total population of the Kingdom.
  • Chronic diseases are most common among the elderly.
  • Good health in old age is the result of a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

  • Shedding light on this age group and their health needs. 
  • Raising awareness of the rights of the elderly and the importance of healthcare. 
  • Outlining the concerned authorities for all categories of the elderly. 
  • Spreading the culture of healthy aging among members of society and the elderly themselves.
  • Supporting joint care between all the bodies concerned with the older persons.

Official Date:
  • Globally: October 1st, 2020.
  • Locally: Safar 14th, 1442H.

General Authority for Statistics. Demographic Survey (Population Characteristics Survey, 2017), Riyadh 2017.

Last Update : 15 July 2020 07:19 PM
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